Delta A220 Inaugural Flight Review

Image Credit: Delta News Hub

Image Credit: Delta News Hub

It was a chilly and early morning at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, but the excitement and buzz at the C terminal was anything but cold. Delta was prepared to unleash their newest aircraft – an aircraft they intend to use as a major catalyst for their future operations. There were plenty of us aviation enthusiasts ready and excited for this new aircraft: the Airbus A220 (formerly Bombardier CS100). Some may not think an aircraft that seats just 109 passengers could be such a game changer, but Delta is counting on it. With 20% less fuel burn per seat, as well as the many features to help improve the comfort of its passengers, this is truly a small-to-mid-range aircraft that passengers can get excited about.


Our flight was set to take off at 7:45am. At the gate, Delta had an assortment of breakfast items, such as coffee (both hot and cold brew) oatmeal, and pastries. This made for a nice touch for those of us excited to fly this new A220 as well as those who were simply flying to DFW on a Thursday morning, not expecting such fanfare and excitement.

First Flyers Pin.JPG

We were welcomed at our seat with an A220 First Flyers card and pin. This keepsake was a wonderful treat for every passenger.

A220 Lavatory View.jpg
A220 Lavatory.jpg

Our captain gave a special announcement while we taxied to tell everyone on board a little bit about the A220. He also provided a little teaser regarding one of the lavatories in the back of plane having a window. Unfortunately we would have to wait for the fasten seat belt sign to turn off before checking it out! Shortly after take-off, the line to view this restroom was rather long and would remain in effect most of the trip. Around half way through the flight, the sink stopped draining, so the special windowed lavatory was put out of commission for use. However, plenty of us captured pictures of this fun perk. The rear restrooms were both very roomy for a smaller aircraft, and certainly felt larger than the A320 series and 737 series’ restrooms.

Delta A220 Our Seats.JPG
Delta Seat Sizes a319 and a220.jpg

Back in our seats, which were 23A and 23B, the width and pitch (the space between your seat and the seat in front of you) was also noticeable: these were very comfortable seats! The seat width in the Main Cabin is 18.6” and the pitch is 32”, while Comfort+ seat width is 18.6” with a 34” pitch. Compare these measurements to those of the A319, and you’ll see why it feels so spacious. Even First Class on the A220 has an additional inch of pitch. The 2-3 configuration in both Comfort + and Economy class, as well as the design of the overhead bins, the wider aisle, and seat size really helped this aircraft feel open and spacious.

Delta A220 Seats and bins.JPG
Delta A220 First Class.JPG

The IFE (in-flight entertainment) screens had great video quality, were large, and easy to use. The flight tracker was fun, with plenty of new features to track the flight. The extent of entertainment Delta provides: movies, tv series, music, and games is very impressive (check out my video to see what I’m talking about!) This is one detail I believe Delta gets right. They have said on numerous occasions, while other airlines are removing their IFE screens, Delta is doubling down. I find these to be a very nice touch, especially on flights longer than a couple of hours and for those passengers flying with children. This flight was a little over 4 hours but I personally was more entertained by looking out the window and checking out every little detail of this amazing new aircraft.  

IFE Screen.jpg

One thing Delta does a little different is power: there are standard power outlets in-between seats, so those on the 2 seat side share an outlet, and those on the 3 seat side have 2 outlets to share between 3 passengers. Each seat does have a USB input below each IFE screen, which can be used to charge your phone.

One very noticeable difference with the A220 is the sound (or lack thereof) of the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G engines. Take off was especially quiet and quick!

Protein Pack.JPG

The flight attendants definitely had their work cut out for them on this flight; it appeared at least half of the passengers were fellow aviation geeks like myself. We were up and down, taking videos and pictures throughout the flight. The service was professional and good, however my coffee never did make its way to my seat. This was understandable though – there was a lot going on during this flight! The captain kept us informed of any upcoming turbulence and kept the fasten seat-belt sign off as much as possible. Delta’s breakfast options were also very nice. The turkey sandwich was filling, without being heavy, and the apple was rather refreshing. The protein box was also a nice choice – the sun butter and cheeses were especially delicious snacks. At $9 each, these breakfast choices were adequate, tasty and reasonably priced.

DSC06189 small.jpg

It was a cloudy day, so seeing any of New York upon take off wasn’t going to happen. This did, however provide some picturesque views while arriving into DFW. While in between two cloud layers, we were able to see some awesome shadows on the lower clouds as well as the clouds above reflecting off the beautiful shiny wing.

The landing was uneventful and smooth, however we were pretty bummed our flight wasn’t welcomed with a water canon salute. Landing on runway 35R makes for a longer taxi back to our gate, which today was E15. I rather like the E terminal at DFW, as it usually feels less hectic and busy. A little side note: when departing DFW from the E terminal, I’ll often enjoy a delicious burger and fries from Love Shack. If you’re ever in terminal E, check it out!

Delta A220 at DFW Gate.jpg

All in all, I can’t say enough positive things about Delta’s newest addition to its fleet. I can’t wait to fly on another A220, and with so many routes coming to DFW (Delta will add this aircraft to its DFW-Detroit, DFW-Minneapolis, DFW-Salt Lake City by the end of the year) I’m sure I won’t have a hard time finding myself in the air in another one again soon!

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Just Booked: Delta A220 Inaugural Flight

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With the government shutdown temporarily ended, Delta was finally able to get approval for their new Airbus A220’s to take flight. Due to the delay, the release date was pushed from it’s original date of January 31st to February 7th, 2019. I’ve been following this fleet addition for quite some time now, and I originally thought getting on the inaugural flight wasn’t going to be possible for me. I figured the plane itself would go on “the list” and I’d get to it eventually. However, the delay combined with a few incidents of sheer luck allowed me to book it as a last-minute trip. I’ll be flying up to LaGuardia the day before (on a Delta A319), and taking the LaGuardia to DFW route first thing the morning of the 7th. This will be the first trip for the A220 and the first official trip for In The Air, so it should be pretty special. I’m looking forward to experiencing that new plane smell and all of the celebratory fanfare!

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Now Launching: In The Air

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I used to be an anxious and nervous flyer. I did very little flying in my youth, however I’ve found myself in the air more and more often. In recent years, I have taken quite an interest in planes - learning to identify the different models of aircraft as they pass through the skies (I live close to DFW airport). I have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and power of them. Needless to say, I found a new passion: travel- specifically flying! With this newfound interest, I have discovered the world of online trip reports. A lot of these trip reports cover expensive, elite trips, which are great fun to watch and dream about, but not practical or within reach of most people. I decided there is a need for a guide for the average person who enjoys travel and wants the scoop on trips they can actually afford. 

Therefore, this week marks the beginning of a new adventure. I am officially launching In The Air: The Everyman’s Travel Guide. I’ll be capturing photos and footage of my trips to share with you, my audience. Every episode will feature all of the details you need to know about the various planes, airlines, airports, etc. I will review the entire travel experience, with heavy focus on the flight portion. Occasionally, I’ll also throw in reviews of hotels, other modes of transportation (such as trains), and anything else of value I encounter along the way.

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