Now Launching: In The Air

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I used to be an anxious and nervous flyer. I did very little flying in my youth, however I’ve found myself in the air more and more often. In recent years, I have taken quite an interest in planes - learning to identify the different models of aircraft as they pass through the skies (I live close to DFW airport). I have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and power of them. Needless to say, I found a new passion: travel- specifically flying! With this newfound interest, I have discovered the world of online trip reports. A lot of these trip reports cover expensive, elite trips, which are great fun to watch and dream about, but not practical or within reach of most people. I decided there is a need for a guide for the average person who enjoys travel and wants the scoop on trips they can actually afford. 

Therefore, this week marks the beginning of a new adventure. I am officially launching In The Air: The Everyman’s Travel Guide. I’ll be capturing photos and footage of my trips to share with you, my audience. Every episode will feature all of the details you need to know about the various planes, airlines, airports, etc. I will review the entire travel experience, with heavy focus on the flight portion. Occasionally, I’ll also throw in reviews of hotels, other modes of transportation (such as trains), and anything else of value I encounter along the way.

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Founder, In The Air