To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.
— Jerry Crawford, Wings Over Texas

Our Mission

We believe that travel should be within reach for everyone. Flying used to be expensive and only a dream for the majority of people. However, airlines have continued to expand their operations, both in the number of airports they are serving and the number of aircraft they fly. Additionally, airplane manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus continue to make their aircraft more fuel-efficient. This has helped drive down cost and air travel pricing has become extremely competitive. We created this site in an effort to to show you how travel can be practical, affordable and easy.

What We cover

  • Airlines - We’ll give you the scoop on customer service, cost, routes, fleet additions, and reward programs.

  • Airports - Get the rundown on airport layouts, check-in and security procedures, latest terminal construction projects (which might affect your trip), amenities, food options, lounges and more.

  • Aircraft - Learn all about seat configurations, overhead bins, on-board entertainment, wifi connectivity, in-air dining, lavatories, leg room and other comfort factors.

  • Aviation News - Keep up with the latest developments with airlines and aircraft manufacturers, airport expansion and modernization, as well as any governmental changes that may affect the airline industry.

  • Other modes of transportation - We’ll try out trains, busses, ferries, etc as the opportunity arises.

  • Accommodations and Attractions - When we come across unique places to stay or must-see attractions, we’ll be sure to let you know about them!